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Ed Pinckney had this thought in mind when he established Edward Pinckney/Associates, Ltd. (EP/A) over 45 years ago. Since then the firm has provided comprehensive, high quality, efficient services for clients across the US, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

While recognizing the need to alter the landscape as a normal part of growth and improvement in order to accommodate housing, commerce, industry, education, transportation and recreation, the firm has never lost sight of its original goal - to find a balance between man and the land around him. We accept this challenge whole-heartedly - to plan these alterations in a way most pleasant and beneficial to people, the natural environment and future generations.

"The major concerns of our profession, regardless of project size, are to facilitate a balance between man and his natural environment and to practice good stewardship of the land we all cherish."
14 Westbury Park Way
Suite 200
Bluffton, SC 29910